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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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d.c.'s president firing back after a fox 5 investigation into his travel spending. in the meantime, the city council takes up the matter today. we are live with the latest. >> we are following new developments out of libya this morning. moammar ghadafi trying to strike a deal with opposition leaders. we'll have more on that as fox 5 morning news at 6:00 begins now. beautiful shot of the
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washington monument to get you started on this tuesday morning, march 8th, 2011. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. temperature flirting with that freezing mark right now. tucker barnes is with us with the forecast. >> i'm only looking at the bright spot in today's forecast because our temperatures will be in the 50s and we have sunrise in a half hour. >> that sounds good. >> that was a beautiful shot. >> it should be a really nice start to the day. kids headed to the bus stop, it will be chilly. temperatures generally in the 20s and low 30s. right now at reagan national, 26 degrees. ocean city, 39 degrees. let's look at our radar together. there is nothing going on. we have very quiet conditions at this hour.
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later today, some clouds will move in. storm system developing to our west. it is a cold front. we'll watch areas of low pressure right along it. that will bring us messy weather starting tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night into the day on thursday. not going to look too good. my advice is enjoy today because the next couple of days will be straight downhill. we have a floodwatch that has been posted for much of the area starting tomorrow night. i'll show you that coming up. for today, lots of sunshine. some clouds moving through during the course of the afternoon with temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 52 in the city. 54 in fredericksburg. 50 in martinsburg so a nice- looking day. >> thank you. let's check in with julie to get a look at traffic. >> looking good so far on 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. 50 traffic behaving introducely head for the the beltway. westbound 50, we had some problems before you reach the bay bridge over near the outlets. we had a crash there tying up most of the roadway. if you are traveling southbound 270, not a bad start.
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traffic volume a little heavy as you your way out to the truck scales. no problems to report on 355 traveling south of i-70. going to find lanes are open in virginia northbound along i-95. we do have delays leaving woodbridge, prince william parkway headed up to the occoquan. 66, we definitely have delays traveling between the two 234 interchanges but no problems to report here as you travel east of 50 headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to the big story that we're following this morning. udc's press allen sessoms has been called to testify at a oversight hearing before the zee city council later this morning. he will have to answer questions about dozens of unexplained charges and tickets purchased at the last minute. he held a news conference yesterday. >> there are so many problems, you can't fix them all at once.
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this is one that showed up. we'll fix it. trips that were taken a year and a half ago, i don't remember. >> city council chairman kwame drown is among those demanding that president sessoms testify later today. d.c. mayor vince gray facing more accusations over the firing of a city worker, sulaimon brown. the former mayoral candidate cd maintains the gray campaign gave him cash payments and promised him a six-figure city job if he kept attacking adrian fenty. sulaimon brown fired after only a month. the mayor hosting first meeting of the newly create commission on hiv and aids. it will focus on the treatment, the needs of people living with
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hiv/aids and prevention to stop new infections. the latest on the developing civil war in libya, embattled leader moammar ghadafi is trying to make a deal with leaders. warplanes dropped missiles in the desert. they are trying to stop the rebels from advancing onto tripoli. big shift in policy. president obama resuming military trials at guantanamo bay. the white house says the gitmo prison will eventually be closed but the president is ordering a resumption of military trials for terror suspects. his plan is to have them stand trial on u.s. soil. that plan ran into stiff competition in congress. the president say the new policies will, quote, help bring terrorists to justice. nearly 10 years later, new video of 9-11 has surfaced on youtube and it could be the closest vantage cent forth world trade center floors hit
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by the planes. the 17-minute video was taken from a police helicopter circling the twin towers. can you watch it in its entire at -- entirety on the controversy has been the cent are of his media campaign. we now know the fate of charlie sheen's show, two and a half men. more on that on the other side of the break. stay with us. 
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making headlines, prosecutors in arizona want the tucson shooting suspect to get a mental exam. they asked a judge to commit jared loughner to a federal facility where psychologists could evaluate him. the 22-year-old suspected in the rampage that wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords made threats on the internet before the shooting. prosecutors want to know if he suffers from a mental defect
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that would make him incompetent for stand trial. joran haven't dear shoot's lawyer says his client will argue temporary insanity in a murder case in peru. he has already admitted he killed a woman five years ago to the day after natalie holloway disappeared in aruba. we i'll plead guilty but arugula what is called a violent emotion defense that might give him a shorter sentence. a day after officially losing his job, sharly sheen will not have to head to court. a planned custody hearing was canceled. tmz reports a settlement may be in the works. -- charlie sheen will not have to hid to court. the sum says his -- despite
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losing his job, sheen took to twitter once again to apparently find an intern. pepco's plan to prevent power outages is apparently raising some eyebrows. we'll share the findings of a new report. a maryland firefighter accused of taking a ride in a fire truck. we've learned more about the firefighter. we'll talk more about that coming up. fí0
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a fierce late season storm is pounding upstate new york and other areas to the north. as much as 30 inches of snow is on the ground. syracuse is having the fourth snowiest winter on record with a season total of 173 inches. >> other parts of the northeast not dealing with snow, dealing with this, major flooding instead. this is what some new jersey
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communities look like this morning. heavy rain combined with melting snow sent rivers over their banks. connecticut dealing with the same thing. several wisers there swelled forcing people to evacuate. -- several rivers there swelled forcing people to evacuate. we are watching the sun come up here. off to a very chilly start this morning. we had our own share of rain over the weekend and looked like we might be getting some more but not today. i think it will be a fairly good day, right, tuck? >> today should be beautiful. high temperatures yesterday, we were generally in the upper 40s. today, a few degrees warmer than that. my advice has been all morning enjoy today because we've got rain on the way for tomorrow and thursday. maybe a lot of rain. >> not just a little bit. >> the potential for a lot of rain. let's start with these cold temperatures and again, generally at or below freezing. this is one of the coldest ones
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in the past week or so. 0 in gaithersburg. 27 in frederick. -- 30 in gaithersburg. reagan national, 34 at this hour. leonardtown, 28. better by the bay. baltimore, 28. nice-looking morning. we'll be well into the 40s here by the noon hour and then eventually, this afternoon, with a little cloudiness moving in, highs back into the low 50s. that is right where we should be this time of year. we are looking at the futurecast and again being want to emphasize we have no problems today. today will be just fine. partly sunny afternoon. you can see some clouds will have moved through during the course of the day. clouds will quickly increase tonight and during the day tomorrow. there we go. rain will start to move in by tomorrow afternoon, west to east as this frontal system approaches. and then we'll watch several areas of low pressure potentially develop along the frontal system. it will be a slow mover and because it is moving so slowly, we could see a lot of rain around here.
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there you go. wednesday night into all day on thursday looks like it will be raining around here. notice the embedded yellows and some oranges. potential for more thunderstorm activity around here by late in the day on thursday. bottom line, 1 to 3 inches of rain forecast wednesday night into thursday. we have a floodwatch which has already gone into effect. a little unusual for the weather service to issue it this early. but that is a concern, wednesday evening into thursday night. floodwatch for most of the area here. that includes washington, baltimore, all the counties in green. it does not include southern maryland but we'll see as the system continues to develop if they don't extend these floodwatches a little further to the south. 52degrees your daytime highs. winds out of the east at about five miles per hour. later tonight, not as cold. winds out of the east at five to 10. rain gets into here tomorrow afternoon. 50 your daytime high. 58 on thursday with lots and lots of rain around. it all gets out of here
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thursday night. nice improvement by friday and saturday looks good. sunshine, maybe 60. that will be spring-like. let's look at the on-time traffic with julie. >> not too bad out there. getting busy as you work your way inbound through the city, for example. new york avenue at new jersey avenue, the land are open as you work your way out to the third street tunnel. not a lot going on as you come in through northeast washington. kenilworth avenue looks good south of 50 headed out to pennsylvania avenue. lanes are open coming inbound suitland parkway at south capital street. suitland parkway, traffic slowing briefly now at stanton road. this is a live shot of 95 coming northbound out of springfield. no problems to report as you travel north of the fsp headed up towards 395. starting to thicken up just a little bit with volume. the same for those on the bottom side of 95. 66 east of 123, no problems
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reported leaving vienna. tapping the brake as you get closer to the beltway. incident-free all the way in business 234. no trouble spots to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. southbound 270, the gang is all here. we are slowing out of germantown at this point and heading south of 118. no problems to report out rockville headed for the lane divide. the outer loop slowing as you work your way around from university boulevard to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. maryland is a step closer to banning drivers from reading texts while behind the wheel. senate approved the measure yesterday. the ban also includes looking at a text while stopped at a traffic light. violators could be fined $500. issue now heads to governor o'malley. stunning new refuse layings about firefighters who went along fay drunk enjoy ride in a fire truck. 27-year-old sean swanson charged with driving drunk. investigate irs say he was driving with four other volunteer doors from company five in hamilton who had also been drinking and he nearly rain deputy off the road. that deputy was able to turn
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around and make the arrest. swanson and three other firefighters resigned. the remaining one was suspend. one of them was just 19 years old. another is also a leesburg police officer who has since been suspended. 40s nut 30. we are not just talking age here. we are talking gas mileage. beer prices going up? we'll talk about that as well in our business beat. that is coming up next. stay with us. d 
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we are back now at 6:23 as gas prices skyrocket. some cars are promising more bang for your buck. plus the pain at the pint. beer drinkers may want to prepare if a price increase. lauren simonetti joins us from new york. let's talk about the new 40 is 30. i'm probably not saying this
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right, am i? >> 40 is the new 30, how about that? >> when you are talking about miles per gallon, yes, good morning, gurvir. it is a good thing, i guess that we can't fill our cars up with beer either because that would cost us just as much as gasoline. we are all dealing with the threat of the price for gasoline at $4. crude oil easing a bit to $105 but still very losty. 40s a psychological number. it make you think you are getting more for your money. we are seeing 20 or so vehicles hit the market that will get you 40 miles per hour. it is not just the traditional hybrids. prius sales up last month. but also the ford fiesta, the volkswagen jetta. these cars are usually expensive and you have to weigh, is it better to put the money up front and save in gas throughout the lifetime of your vehicle or what have you. that is one of the options
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we're dealing with right now. fore cars getting you 40 miles per -- more cars getting you 40- mile per gallon. >> in the meantime, beer prices are going up. >> they are. because the barley shortages we're seeing around the world. there has been floods in australia and canada. those are huge malt and barley producers causing the crop to be really decimated and there are prices up by about 0%. many companies can deal with this right now but next year, it is supposed to bite all of us. you know what the number one beer drinking state is in the united states. >> what is it? >> that's montana. >> let's tuck about what is going with mcdonald's. mickey d's is very every parent
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knows a mixy d's but apparently sub wais making inroads. >> exactly. there are about # 3,000 golden arches around the world. but there are 4,000 subway sandwich chains around the world, mofortly in issue i can't. that is where they are doing phenomenal growth. so that $5-foot long phenomenon has made subway the largest food chain out there. -- there are about 33,000 golden arches around the world. but there are 34,000 subway sandwich chains around the world, mostly in asia. >> thank you, lauren. the popular service living
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social is testing out a few -- new feature in our area. we'll tell you how to check in on that. the president of udc is finally speaking out answering questions about his travel. i'll have the latest when fox 5 morning news returns. my ssis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement.
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>> the space shuttle discovery got a wake-up call in the form of a life performance. the cabin stow am begins right now. the six-member crew also testing the shuttle systems
6:31 am
holding a bit of a ceremony to mark discovery's final flight home. >> julie and i sing a little bit together f nasa is interested, we could probably do a little duet. >> i don't think so. >> the offer is out there. >> if we ever hear of astronauts just ripping off their headphones and going back to sleep. >> that would be great. they would be a captive audience. >> they will be heading back out to space. >> they might not want to come back. let's get to the temperatures. it is cold out there. temperatures at or below freezing this morning. yes, we are doing it again. i'm going to show you temperatures in a minute. ht radar showing you the rain showers. notice the yellows and reds out towards kansas city. that is the leading edge of our next storm that will get in here, not today but tomorrow. as we get into wednesday night and thursday, lots of rain on the way. we have a floodwatch already posted for the area for
6:32 am
tomorrow night and hut a few minutes. it is cold out there this morning. 34 in washington. 25 at dulles. 29 in fredericksburg. 37 in ocean city. so cold start. nice finish. afternoon highs will be in the low 50s with some clouds moving through during the course of the day. we're dry this afternoon so no problems with today's forecast. coming up in a couple of minutes, i'll show you the floodwatch and i have a good ask the weather guy question about air travel but it is weather-related. >> let's check in with julie wright once again. how do you like to do that duet for the astronauts? >> i'm so excited. tucker and i can do it. just wait until we come out with the dance version. >> you are onto something. >> one step at a time. >> xbox has got nothing on us. wait until you see this. on the roads this were monthing, we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox. i believe they are over the beltway in greenbelt near the baltimore-washington parkway. for those traveling on the
6:33 am
beltway, you will find the lanes are open, no problems to report as you guys work your way around from kenilworth avenue over towards i-95. no incidents to report as you travel south of 495 working your way past the riverdale road overpass continuing down towards prince george's hospital and over towards new york avenue. all lanes remain open at this time. we'll update the ride elsewhere. if you are continuing in virginia, northbound i-59 slowing at potomac mills to 13. again in springfield, headed up onto 395. 66 eastbound east of 123, not so busy right here but close in at the deciding point at the beltway. that is where traffic is bunched up just a bit there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the job of university president is not to sit back and hide in the corner but to promote the institution. >> udc's president firing back
6:34 am
after a fox 5 sleevings exposed expensive travel on the taxpayer's dime. there are dozens of unexpected credit card charges and stays at pricy hotels. >> president allen sessoms is finally answering our questions. sarah simmons is live this morning in northwest with more. >> reporter: good morning. the president has said, president allen sessoms, that this is travel required of a president of a university but there are a lot of holes in the bookkeeping here, things that just don't add up with the documentation. he did finally speak out. but throughout this investigation after the story aired, it really did catch the attention of a lot of the students. tax a listen as they were outside here yesterday. -- take a listen as they were outside here yesterday. you hear it right there. some of the udc students are calling for president allen
6:35 am
sessoms rest you go nation over this. about 50 students row tested -- protested outside the administration building. the president of their senate has warned protesters that they might not graduate or could be kicked out of school over this. what is in question, some of the questions we've had are about the $7,900 first class flight, that one-way flight by the way, that was to egypt and england. he explained yesterday during a press conference with reporters about the need to that. take a listen. >> i hadn't planned to go. the egyptians insist that i had come because the president of the university hadn't been there in four or five years. they insisted that i come so i said okay. but the cost of the ticket wouldn't have varied much anyway. >> reporter: the questions don't stop there. there is no documentation as to exactly how president sessoms
6:36 am
got back. there was a back and forth between him and our reporter tisha thompson about this. take a listen. >> there has been some comment on how i got back which i find pretty interesting. i got back on an airplane p we spent the day there. we came back. we went to a fairly important diplomatic event in london, got on the plane and came back. >> you say you got back on a plane in london and came to the united states. the documentation that udc gave us shows a trip from d.c. to paris to cairo back to paris to london. we have the train tickets for london. we have the hotels for london. how did you get back? do you have documentation to show that flight? >> i got back on the airplane. >> but the documentation you provided does not -- >> i did not -- my office was given the receipts. you don't know what happened to them. you are asking me what happens when it goes into another process. i don't know what happened to
6:37 am
the paper. i can assure you i got back on the airplane. >> does it concern you that your financial bookkeeping has this kind of holes in it? >> it concerns me that the financial management of this university, the system we have been using is antique. it is 30 years old. we are putting in a new accounting system which will take care of everything from financial aid to travel. the system here is a system that was old when i was in graduate school. it is not even supported anymore. so what we are doing is trying to get that upgraded and we are upgrading it right now. >> reporter: the questions are not going to stop there. president allen sessoms is expected to appear before the d.c. city council at an oversight hearing where he is expected to testify about this as well and all answer questions. as if the students who have been very angry since this
6:38 am
story aired, even calling for the president's resignation, but so far he maintains he will not resign. >> thank you. we'll check back in with sarah in a little bit. in the meantime, city council chair kwame brown among those demanding that president sessoms testify today. the council chair will join us later this morning on fox 5 morning news. he will be here in the 9:00 hour this morning. d.c. mayor gray is facing more accusation over the firing of a city worker. seoul hon -- sulaimon brown says the city is refusing to pay his severance. he was promise ad i job if he kept attacking adrian fenty. brown was fired after only a month on the job. mayor gray has asked the attorney general to investigate the allegations. a d.c. police officer finds herself on the wrong side of the law caught in a sting operation. yen officer green, who worked in the fourth district, has now been charged with burglary and receiving stolen property. court documents show green met with a criminal informant on
6:39 am
freeway and made plans to taring the a northwest apartment the next night. saturday, green allegedly stayed in a car with her police radio on while the informant went into that apartment and came back out with $1,050 in cash and gave green $600 of it. she was arrest when had she got back to her apartment. montgomery continuey police searching for a whan who allegedly tried to attack a woman in -- for a man who allegedly tried to attack a woman in wheaton. the victim said she kicked the suspect and ran away. authorities say the so- called east coast rapist could have been caught years ago if police were allowed to check for family members who matched his dn a profile. most states do not allow dna searches of relatives for privacy concerns. aaron thomas made his firefighters appearance in a connecticut courtroom. he is accused of 17 rapes dating back to 1997. the virginia native went to
6:40 am
school in prince george's county where some of the crimes occurred. shame on you! ! >> also making heads line this morning, striking nurses are continuing to picket outside washington hospital center. those nurses staged a one-day walkout last friday. the hospital did warn the nurses if they didn't show up for work, they would not be allowed for five days. that is because they had to hire replacement nurses to work at least 60 hours. the nurses have been working without a contract since last june. pepco's plan to provide reliable service to its customers may not be so sound. a new report that was done for the maryland service commission, independent consult ans found the six-point plan pepco announced last summer was put together in about one month. the report says it was done without analysis of whether that plan who actually work and was a quick attempt to throw money at the problem and more accurately to quickly promise to throw money at that problem. a bag tax now officially on
6:41 am
the table. this welcome back five cent tax on shopping bags. it is meant more as an incentive to stop pollution rather than raise money for the county. you can save instantly when you dine and shop in the district. living social testing a new service that would give customers instant discounts in addition to current daily deals. >> those deals will come to your cell phone. they will be available for shorter periods of time. the test run deals will target hot spots like dupont circle, u street and chinatown. we have another recall from toyota. we'll run that down for you when fox 5 morning news continues. hear from the folks celebrating mardi gras down in the big easy. we'll check in down there in just a little bit.
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we're back now at 6:44. we want to take you back down to new orleans where last night the streets were packed. the bars were just jammed all in celebration of mardi gras. crowds kind of still hanging out there in the french quarter this morning. of course, they all staked out prime spots on famous bourbon street for fat tuesday. a lot of them started partying last night and it will continue throughout the morning. >> you don't realize until you get down there how small bourbon street is and how many people. some were drying there to camp out for the celebrations. man say the party is worth all of the travel. >> down here in northerlien from bill okayy. >> we are from portland, oregon and it was he have bit worth the drive coming to see this. >> we have been to new orleans lots of times and they were all before katrina. so when we made up our bucket
6:46 am
list, we're retired, made up the bucket list, said i want to go to mardi gras. i said sure, fine. >> they promised me at this rv park that it was within crawling distance of bourbon street and that if i had to crawl back, i would have lots of company. >> better watch those beats hanging there. those are precious commodities down there. holly at the bayou bakery getting a taste of mardi gras food. >> it looked like the weather is cooperating too. >> today it likes it will be a pretty good day for us too. >> should be just fine. later this afternoon, back into the 50s. even a little warmer than yesterday. as i've been saying all morning, enjoy today because i've got rain on the way, potentially a lot of it. 34degrees right now in downtown washington. that is one of the warmer spots. lots of temperatures in the 20s. yesterday, we were cold. we are even colder this
6:47 am
morning. 25 in manassas. 25 at dulles. 25 in frederick. into the mountains, martinsburg is 24 at this hour and hagerstown is 29. plenty of cold you're off to the north and west. not much of brake as you head south and east either. leonardtown is 28. in annapolis, a little better by the bay. our winds will be out of the east. lots to talk about. today will be just fine. we'll wake up to a lot of sunshine. as we get into the course of the afternoon, just some high- weather clouds moving through. you can see those now starting to take shape into west virginia. this is our next area of storminess and just getting its act together now but the bottom line is this is the cold front that will come sliding through during the overnight hours wednesday and thursday and as it moves through, areas of low pressure will develop along. it the potential is out there. remember sunday when we had a lot of rain around here. the potential is out there that wednesday night into thursday, we could get some good soaking rains right across the mid-
6:48 am
atlantic. and once again, we could be dealing with the potential for flooding. because of that, the national weather service has already issued a flood watch for the immediate washington area for tomorrow night and thursday. so we are talking 1, 2, maybe 3 inches of rain. plenty of sunshine this morning. partly sunny this afternoon and a little warmer. here is the best part. wind will be lighter out of the east at five miles per hour. clouds move in tonight. partly howdy, not as cold overnight. overnight low 5 in the city. overnight low, 25 in the city. the thursday morning commute might not be the most pleasant. we have the potential for some flooding around here. floodwatch goes into effect tomorrow night. i'll give you more detail as we get closer to that event. saturday, daytime high, 60. >> sounds good. >> with sunshine. so things will get better by
6:49 am
the weekend. it is time for ask the weather guys. that is the segment where the big heads of tony perkins and myself, we put them together and answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. today's question, this is a good question. lynn is doing a little traveling. and lyndon asks why does it take six hours and five minute to fly from bwi to lax. that is los angeles. and only four hours and 50 minutes to fly from lax back to bwi. this is a nonstop flight and the mileage is the same both ways. >> i think steve and i both probably have a pretty good idea about this. >> you think so? >> i'm saying the prevailing wind are a little different when you are coming from west to east. >> tail winds y you call them tail winds. the bottom line, w. this one is weather-related. the -- it is all about the jet scream. that is a river of air that
6:50 am
travels across the northern and southern hemisphere. it within very strong particularly in the winter months. to ak. -- it can approach speeds of up to 140 miles per hour. sort of imagine if you went out for a run and had you no wind. and you're moving right along. if you ran in winds that were blowing at 30 to 40 miles per hour like yesterday, it will take you longer or more energy to run the same distance. that jet stream physically slows down aircraft that are traveling from east to west particularly in the winter months. the jet stream follows the sun. in the spring and summer months, the jet stream has a tendency to retreat as well. so the travel differences become less in the summertime. the other thing i want to point out about the jet scream is it doesn't necessarily follow directly west to east. it can meander.
6:51 am
it can split. there are several different jet streams. all that comes into play. so any given day that you are flying across the country, you ma i or may not encontinuer -- encounter a jet stream. but curing the winter months is when it is at its strongest. >> either that or the airlines are building in more delays. >> that too. just one last tip here. jet treatment is between about 23,005 # thousand feet so just about at the level where you're flying. >> the pilot says we've reached our cruising altitude. you can unbuckle your seat belt. >> right into the teeth of the jet stream. so excellent question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and ask us absolutely any question and don't worry. tony is take eggcupful days off but i sent him off with lots of homework. he is answering questions. i'm sure he is at his desk right now answering questions. thank you for all the questions that are coming in. we are getting lots and lots of them. >> i'm sure he is not. >> i'm sure he is enjoying some
6:52 am
tail winds on vacation ya. did you draw that pretty map of the earth. >> did you like that. thanks to my sources, i was able to get that map for you. >> he dances, sicks, draws. >> julie wright, when a catch. i don't know where he is going with this. >> i do. >> i'm not sure for you want to catch him. you might throw him back. a busy right ride. we have delays starting to form northbound on i--- a busy ride. we have delays starting to form northbound on i-95. if you are traveling 66 eastbound, heavy slow and steady continuing in towards 123. then you will find more slow traffic the last mile approaching the beltway. the beltway outer loop congested now leaving 95 headed around to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we've been talking about
6:53 am
the icc and it was smooth sailing. during yesterday morning's commute, only 2100 drivers drove the icc. right now, only a seven-mile stretch of the icc is open. remaining 11 miles or so will eventually connect to i-270 in gaithersburg to 95 in laurel. that is scheduled to open later this year to next year. a suv crashed into a baby's room and landed right on top of a crib. the baby was inside and the baby sleeping there was not hurt. the driver crashed into the home where the 10-month-old was asleep. the parents say they feared the worst but heard that little one cry and found her laying just a few inches from the truck's tire. the baby only had a tiny scratch on her head. >> she had her hands held up like get me out of here. i think back on it and i look back on it and i don't see how
6:54 am
she could have come out it was alive. god was on her side today and put a big old steel bubble around her. >> police say the crash was simply an accident. detroit toyota is recalling about 22,000 suvs and pickups. this recall affects 2008 to 2011 toyota models on your screen. we have mardi gras celebrations coming up. >> holly morris is live at the bayou bakery in arlington, virginia. we'll check in with her after the break. 
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and as you are getting dressed this morning, you might want to
6:58 am
put on a little purple, green and gold because today is fat tuesday. and you don't have to be in new orleans to celebrate marti gras. we are live in arlington this morning at the bayou bakery where they are gearing up for a huge celebration. david gosslin, new orleans native, now living in the d.c. area is having a great party tonight. and they are taking us through the king cake, what it means, the tradition and what the colors are all about and what they are serving tonight. i hear some gumbo is brewing in the background. and they are celebrating in a big way. the courthouse clarendon parade is going on today. and i think we have a few parade-goers with us this morning. i think he's going to celebrate marti gras and move into st. patricks day. and we'll tell you how to come be a part of it this evening. and i hear there is a second
6:59 am
line dance that we're supposed to learn that is supposed to get revelers in the mood and perhaps getting people tossing beading. family free bead tossing this morning. the whole point is that we are gearing up and getting ready to celebrate marti gras and we want you to as well. gurvir. >> sounds awesome. you have the green, i have the purple and it will do. thanks, holly. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, cheryl james from stafford virginia. she wants to see more pictures of tucker with his long hair. okay, we'll see what we can do about that. there you go, cheryl. there he is. you know what cheryl said? oh, la, la. there is no space between fox and the number 5 and then post


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